Personal experience of not feeling safe. Also, statistics show incredibly high rates of sexual harassment especially in underdeveloped countries.

What it does

The user can submit a report with 2 taps, regarding an incident they've had or actively having. The app then can notify the police. Also, the app will work seamlessly on the background and it will send you an SMS message to notify you in case you are in an area with suspicious activity.

How I built it

we used twilio, and gcloud functions to send SMS to the users. Our app is based on react native which runs on all mobile OS. Our data are in a mongoDB database

Challenges I ran into

Finding and normalizing data to populate our heat map.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to pull data for the number 1 country that these incidents occur, and create a distributed system of notifications both for the developed countries and the underdeveloped where connectivity is hard.

What I learned

We learned that this problem exists in all countries, and the statistics were significantly higher than what we had initially thought they'd be. Also, a lot of women especially in underdeveloped countries are afraid of reporting sexual harassment incidents.

What's next for Kahu

Pull in our database more data for across the globe, so we can protect women everywhere

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