We want to enhance all coffee moments by enabling Paulig's MUKI to provide its user the content feed they desire. We are also combining the essence of ÕURA's sleep statistics to the first coffee cup of the day.

What it does

KAFFEED is your platform to boost your MUKI with even more meaningful content. It enables you to enjoy your coffee moment by receiving your favourite feeds from your friends, communities and selected partners.

After you sign in to KAFFEED, you choose to subscribe to your favorite input feeds. These feeds consist of a customizable collection of community and partner channels. The channels you follow provide your MUKI with a stream of pictures and content while you enjoy your hot beverage.

How we built it

Native Android app to handle the communication with the MUKI, node.js and mongodb backend to store and process the data and a beautiful web-interface to handle user interactions.

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest challenges was the limited toolset MUKI provided technically. The lack of interaction made us think out of the box to ensure a working concept.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After some tense hacking KAFFEED actually works! Try it out!

What we learned

Even seemingly simple things might be surprisingly complex. Even taking an enjoyable coffee break.

What's next for KAFFEED

We are going to diversify the amount of available KAFFEEDs by continuing to expand our partner network. Who wouldn't want to infiltrate your coffee moment..?

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