When KAEC announced the app challenge I was eager to see how we could use our Tales & Tours platform for the rising city in KSA and address issues such as stimulating a healthy community, encourage tourism and sell real estate.

Tales & Tours for KAEC

Tales & Tours is the international mobile marketplace for free & paid guides to destinations by means of enabling city (marketing/destination) organisations (such as KAEC Authority) to publish their guides about their cities.

The Tales & Tours apps we have built are currently available for iPhone/iPad and Android, in 10 languages, also in Arabic, and enable users to interactively follow tours based on GPS with multimedia content, which is available to them completely offline, no need for internet, once downloaded.

Rise of the City

In order to demonstrate the power of the Tales & Tours apps, we created a guide called 'Rise of the City', which is a car driving tour, enabling potential buyers and inhabitants as well as early tourists whom want to learn about KAEC, and it's current and future city as it is developing.

Map the Masterplan

For this guide we took the time with specialized software to map the 'Masterplan'-drawings of KAEC on the current actual map, based on satellite data, synchronizing with the current city limits. In this way, users of the car driving tour, like potential buyers of real estate, can explore the future neighbourhoods through GPS (they see themselves on the masterplan map), walk and drive through future streets, which are still desert now, and explore the current status of KAEC.

The first digital tourguide for KAEC

The demonstration-tour starts at Bay La Sun, and boast of 7 major points, emphasizing the KAEC fly through video spots but also other Points Of Interests of current (such as restaurants, beaches, harbour) and future places of interest (such as central business district, educational zone, industrial zone) have been added with multimedia information.

As KAEC is developing and rising each and every day we think this dynamic environment offers a great opportunity to publish tours & guides to the ever changing city for the following, but not limiting to, scenarios:

  • A welcome to KAEC guide for new inhabitants: a tour around the city to learn to know your new home.
  • KAEC's sights: Multiple tours specifically designed for tourists, showcasing KAEC's sights.
  • Architecture tours: In-depth tours about KAEC's buildings.
  • KAEC 4x4 tour's: Offroad 4x4 Jeep tour(s) through the outskirts of the city.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Tales & Tours platform (and it's availability for 95% of the smartphone devices, and in 10 languages) it's very easy to publish new guides about new subjects or make adjustments to current tours on a daily basis.

Earn money (optionally)

It's also possible to distribute tours at a premium price, earning money with them, instead of free guides. Visitors can then buy tours through in-app payments with their Apple/Google account or through voucher they can buy for example online or at a hotel reception / visitor centre.

Thank you for your attention & time. I hope you will download the demo tour 'Rise of the City' and watch the demo video!

Download the app and KAEC tour:

Preview KAEC's guide: http://talesandtours.com/publisher/7009/kaec.html

Google Playstore: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.talesandtours.android

iTunes Appstore: http://itunes.apple.com/app/tales-tours/id662723727

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