Welcome to KEAC Connection, where residents and visitors drive real decisions, view and comment using the mobile and tablet optimized dynamic content, consume business intelligence, vote on initiatives.

This solution brings together multiple open source solutions to create a new era of city websites, where voices are heard directly, where data is displayed easily and openly, and where administrators respond quickly and with ease.

Port, economic, and interactivity are all that KAEC Connection leverages: analyze larger areas of data, from tourism flight paths, hotel booking and real estate, housing markets and The Industrial Valley kilojoules of production. Let us not simply build an application, let us build the digital heart of the city.

For visitors, try asking a question in our interactive Q&A pages or perhaps registering your email to receive updates. For KAEC residents, are the services provided at the level you need, or do you have other thoughts to share?

Solution has a five-vector attack on data to derive total omniscience via D3.JS, DC.JS, Visualizer, MySQL RDBMS/Graphical UI, TablePress Spreadsheets, wrapped in a collaborative environment to display this information, as well as store it long term.

Communication and security are handled with best in class scripts and plug-ins. The entire solution is served up via a CDN or content delivery network, known as CloudFlare, which will add a layer of security to this essential website, as well as serve as a speed boost, serving heavy content from several different CloudFlare servers around the globe.

Additionally, this solution has four language translations built into it, and can allow for dynamic updating by power users.

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