As students who aim to create social change in their communities, we noticed that people tend to be more willing to contribute through in-kind donations. However most organizations have specific needs in regards to the items that would add the most value to their services. One example is the food bank where certain supplies are more in demand than others. It is common for food banks to have an item priority list for their donors but they are not easily accessible and many donors are unaware of them. This creates a disconnect between what organizations need and what donors provide. Our solution aims to bridge this gap.

What it does

Kado is a word in Dutch that translates to "gift" and our app is about helping ordinary people give gifts to local charities. The app has two types of customers. One is the organization which can create a profile and post lists of needed items. This can include items for it's services such as food or office supplies to help with the organization's administration work. The other are donors interested in contributing to their community through tangible items. They are able to sign in through their Google account and get a list of local charities in their area that need items. They can browse a charity's profile and lists of needed items. A special feature is that the donor can commit to fulfilling a charity's need by selecting an item and detailing how much they can give. The charity is then notified about the person's commitment and can follow up with them to ensure it gets delivered.

How I built it

Lots of love, and with an awesome software stack. Our application is backed by a Google App Engine back-end, and runs on the ever ubiquitous Android OS. We gathered data from charity websites from all over Brampton as a starting user base, and used the data to build our server back-end. The Android client accesses this through the Google Cloud Endpoint APIs, providing our users the means to better impact their communities.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Kado

Kado hopes to build a platform that actively encourages registered donors to give back to their communities. Through gamification of the application, users would be able to gain points and rewards for their contributions. There would also be a system in place for organizations to track donor deliveries. When a donor drops off the items at the location, the organization would check them in and the commitment to give they made on the app would move to delivered items. This ensures that donors are fulfilling the commitments they make on the app. Additionally, another feature we hope to add is social goal setting for the user.

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