There is no system that manages the number of drugs consumed across all the health facilities in the state.

What it does

Project Description: A simple web based app for tracking the movement of drugs/vaccines within the local government areas in Kaduna State. -That means there's a central store which houses all drugs/vaccines sent in to the state. -The drugs/vaccines are then registered first and different quantities (Drug name, Quantity, LGA, Hospital Name, Date and Time, Location) which are captured during the distribution are allocated to sub stores. -This app also keeps tracks of staff login to check mate absenteesm from work. -As soon as a staff logs in the time is registered. -It also captures blog posts which covers news of drugs and vaccines available and where.

How we built it

Our stack: HTML5, CSS3, javascript, bootstrap, node.js, express, mongodb

Challenges we ran into

Data storage in the database was a challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the fact that we are separated by distance we were able to work together and collaborate

What we learned

The value of teamwork

What's next for Team Code Fire - KadHack2018

We plan to build on the project enhance its features as this is merely a prototype

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