As teenagers around the age of 15 to 16 years old, we are all approaching the phase of obtaining our driver's licenses. During the process, a teenager must take the general knowledge drivers test and then log 45 hours of safe driving before taking the final actions to receive their driver's license. This is an essential phase of the process of becoming a licensed driver, and we were inspired to create the app Learn2Drive. Learn2Drive logs hours driven, routes taken, distance traveled, as well as the weather conditions in which the drive occurred, in order for student drivers to keep track of their statistics, and present proof of their logged hours. As a team, we felt that using a mobile device's location services would be the most efficient to track the routes, distance, and time of a trip on the road and log it for future records. Because of this, we decided to use the Flutter software development kit created by Google to create and test our mobile app. However, our team has little to no prior knowledge regarding this new language, so one major challenge we faced was trying to gather the information necessary to complete this project given the time restraint. To get around these challenges, we assessed the strengths and weaknesses of our team members and allocated work respectively. We also heavily researched and gathered information regarding certain widgets and APIs necessary for this project. We know Learn2Drive will be very helpful for many young drivers in the future and thus are choosing to continue to pursue this beyond the Hack TJ Competition.

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