We were inspired by our own experiences as high schoolers. As students our age start to become more financially independent, they find themselves lost in the complexity of finance and lose confidence in their abilities to spend money wisely. Our website is targeted towards students and younger generations to introduce them to financial literacy and guide them on their journey to becoming confident in their financial decisions.

What it does

Ka-Ching! is a website that provides its users with a practical budget tracker to help its users manage their money wisely. It gives users a helpful tracker to record their spendings and budgets, while also educating them about financial literacy and the importance of managing debt.

The website features 4 pages: Budget, Learn, About, and Login. The Budget page contains the interactive monthly budget tracker/calculator and spending tracker. The Learn page contains a random fact generator about finance and 2 articles about the methods of budgeting and managing debt. The about page introduces our team and our personal goals for the website. Lastly, the login page features our login/sign up prototype. Although the login feature is not fully functional, it provides insight into the future potential of our product.

How we built it

We started it out with a wireframe and color palette after brainstorming and researching our idea. To build the wireframe and color palette, we used Figma and Coolors. We then used to program the website itself, using HTML for the structure, CSS for the style, and Javascript for the functionality of the website. For the graphics on our website, we used Ibis paint and Canva.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge we ran into while creating this website was the javascript portion of the budget tracker. We had to connect all 3 features to automatically update when the user made an addition or deduction to their budget. The javascript code had to be debugged multiple times for the trackers to function how we wanted. Aside from the code, we faced a general challenge working around differences in time zones, and communicating effectively with all team members.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One major accomplishment we’re proud of is the functionality of our budget tracker. It was the portion of our website that took the most time to create, and clearly, the efforts shone through in the results. We’re also extremely proud of our team’s ability to create a practical and effective product in a short period of time.

What we learned

Throughout our coding journey, we learned that when creating big projects like Ka-Ching!, teamwork and communication is vital. Assigning roles and tasks drastically determine the quality of the final product.

We also explored financial literacy as we were researching for our website. Seeing that our website is aimed towards our age group, we also benefited from the information and resources on our website.

What's next for Ka-Ching!

We hope that Ka-Ching! can be more personalized to our users in the future. We want to make our login/signup fully functional for users in order to allow them to save their monthly budgets and view their data from previous months. By utilizing data-saving methods such as Cookies, we hope to expand our website and further connect with our users.

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