we were inspired by the fact that due to poor financial education, most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. we wanted an application that would give them a better understanding of their personal finances relative to the community.

What it does

It's a universal payment system that allows users to send money to different vendors from one place. Educates the user on personal finances by helping them keep track of their past transactions and comparing it to the community at large.

How we built it

It uses OutSystems, a platform for rapid application of development that uses flowcharts to build web and mobile apps simultaneously.

Challenges we ran into

we had trouble implementing a reliable algorithm to identify a recurrent payment from regular payments

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to build a functional application with exceptional UI that engages users and allows them to see exactly how their finances are going.

What I learned

we learned how to develop prototypes applications and test them out on OutSystems

What's next for Ka-Ching

later on, we could implement a feature that allows the user to keep track of subscriptions to different vendors. we will allow the user to easily cancel all any subscription without having to track them down from different places.

Built With

  • outsystems
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