What inspired us to create was that we were playing bomber man with 4 players and suddenly we thought "what if there were 256 players?" and that is how this was born.

After having enjoyed some Bomberman early on with the Nintendo Switch, we wondered about the possibility of taking the game to a large scale in ways that games like and have previously explored.

What it does allows players to play a light clone of Bomberman online.

How we built it

Using C# for the backend server and jQuery + HTML5 for the frontend

Challenges I ran into

Javascript was a challenge in and of itself - chunking a massive grid was a major issue. Additionally, we needed this to work with a variety of triggers (opcodes) in the backend, which made up most of the latter half's work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Socket programming is awkward, so making it work was rewarding. Also making the player move around the map was a lot harder than expected - while it was relatively straightforward in concept, implementing it from a frontend perspective and then making that work with the backend made it a major challenge.

What I learned

A lot of jQuery and HTML5 as well as how to interact with a server in the backend.

What's next for

A version created for 4096 players. Let total chaos happen! could be scaled majorly, and could also include its own take on some powerups from the Bomberman series, earning its own name in a way not too far from Rivals of Aether (a Super Smash Bros. inspired fighting game).

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