K9 Empire draws inspiration from Pokemon and The Sims franchises. The competitive elements of training and competing in such events as Fetch, Catch, Wall Jump, Tug of War, Sled Pull, and Dog Show drives the core gameplay while the quest system provides layers of depth and connection to each of the dogs.

What it does

You assume the role of a new resident in a very competitive town of dog lovers. Immediately you are greeted and tasked to adopt a dog from the local pet store. One of the main goals in K9 Empire is to become the strongest dog trainer in the town and to do this you will need to build a strong kennel that can compete in the various events. The events are skill based and will require many hours of practice to master. Breeding allows the player to optimize their kennel by generating offspring with the desired combinations of attributes. There are over 20 breeds currently available which allows for each player to build a unique kennel.

How I built it

Using Unity3D and Oculus GearVR

Challenges I ran into

Learning the best practices of creating a VR friendly environment was the main challenge. This is our first VR game so there are plenty of growing pains as expected.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an intuitive UI with a chinese/english keyboard system.

What I learned

VR is a very exciting platform to create games for. The ability to know where the player is looking at all times gives developers an opportunity to create really immersive experiences.

What's next for K9 Empire

We will be focusing on the "soul" of the game. By this I mean giving players a reason to put their headset on again. Dynamic gameplay. Our goal is to deliver a fresh experience each time the game is launched. Content. We want to increase the number of dog breeds from 26 to at least 50 to include some of the more popular breeds.. like Poodles?

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