• Click Hadi is an applications designed to control Al-Hadi operations in Hajj
  • Application connect all departments like "Ministry of Al-Hajj, Owner Group and place of scarification
  • Application has the following advantages : 1) The payment is made by the owner of the group only. 2) Choose the names of the people who want to work Hadi by by the owner of the group only. 3) Allow it to be seen for Hajji person by "CCTV system cloud" without any needs to go to the place of scarification place 4) The control of the Ministry of Hajj on all the money of the Hadi process. 5) Put a simple control screen for ministry of Hajj to know the number of pilgrims who want to Make Hadi. 6) Put a simple control screen in The slaughterhouse to how much each group want to have and it will be live from there.

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