Back in 2015 I started a parking business. This was a simple run of the mill kind of business. Contracts for lot owners and leased to drivers in need of parking space. Throughout the time I learned the community needed more than just another parking business. There were various pending issues in which the community wanted to address. I event tried to contact officials in charge of my community but never got a reply, even to this day.

What it does is a parking app services catering to the community first. All neighbors will be able to find parking as well as engage in a community driven network. We'll ensure the community's issues when it comes to parking, safety, infrastructure, and any other concerns are addressed.

How I built it

As a JS Full Stack Developer I always go with the MEAN stack to build a web SPA.

Challenges I ran into

Verification of vehicles was a challenge as the services available require certain application requests and with the timeframe it wasn't possible. It's why the verification is done with different process. From validating geolocation, phone, user information & other data available to consume with APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The design of the application is was finalized and all that is left is to polish the code and certain features. The parking app will be launched with the second phase of the parking business I current have which is currently on hold.

What I learned

The community can be a powerful part of the service when you create a tool in which empowers community to engage and use for their benefit. With the skills I have compared to back in 2015 I won't have to rely on ecommerce websites to build my services.

What's next for

The candidate location to test with be Koreatown as this is the highest density neighborhood in all of LA. It's where the "K" comes from. Once the app passes certain pass/fail marks. We will go to other neighborhoods in which have parking issues. We will hire locals of the area to be ambassadors and continue testing. If we resolve parking with the app then the next phase will hopefully be fixing the traffic in LA. This will be done by engaging the community to address certain traffic issues within their neighborhoods. One neighborhood at a time. Cars are everywhere but so are neighbors and given the right tools we can all address any transportation issue.

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