Share your information - without giving it away!

As an individual:

  • Do you have multiple old phone numbers to friends in your phone?
  • Do you ever need to share your phone number or e-mail address on a website but do not want to reveal it publicly?
  • Do you ever wonder which companies have your phone number?

As a business:

  • Do you have incomplete or outdated membership or customer lists?
  • Are you concerned about the upcoming GDPR directive?
  • Are you concerned about personal data in backups in regards to GDPR?

K for Contact is a fresh take on personal information. We solve all the above cases and more!

What it does

K for Contact focuses on making it really simple to share your personal information, while still remaining in control of it. First you save your own personal information in the app. You can then easily share this information by giving out links to it, either through the app or through QR-codes.

Each time someone requests your information a unique link between your profiles is established. Only through this link can your information be accessed. You decide what information will be available for each recipient through the link, you can see all active links, and you can at any time revoke access to your information to anyone who have it!

Video demonstration of usage

If you use K for Contact you will always have up-to-date contact information about your friends! Forget having to figure out which phone number was the recent one or what e-mail address they might use.

Companies using the REST API can simply save the link and no other personal information in their database. Each time they need to know the personal information they can request it from the API, if the user still allows it! No personal information will be in backups and companies can claim GDPR compliance.

A fully working example of integration through the API to Clover API is built into the solution. A Clover merchant can create a public share. Through this share customers can accept it and give the merchant access to their profile. This is done through a simple scan of a QR-code and an accept! No more typing or writing lists!

K for Contact with Clover API video

How we built it

K for Contact is built in two parts: 1 app and 1 rest api.

The app is for personal use. Here users can easily exchange personal information and keep it always up to date. The app is written in React Native.

The rest api is used by the app but is also intended for businesses. Here they can create links to their profile or request access to customers profiles. Through the api you can always access up to date information about the customers. The api is written in Node.JS.

Challenges we ran into

The project was a bit large for the short duration - but we managed it pretty well. We built a fully working REST API in node.js and a fully working App in React Native. We have lots of ideas for improvements and further functions but they will have to wait until after the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a unique link for each connection between different profiles creates many possibilities for personal settings and management. Each user will be in full control of their personal information!

What we learned

Pick smaller projects for a hackathon :)

What's next for K for Contact

We can integrate into all APIs that use personal data. Since it is now safe to share data we want to do more types of shares, like "air share" where you share to a location and everybody at the same place can access it. We also want to introduce automatic time limits on connection lifespan, "to be forgotten" like the GDPR puts it.


API GIT repo (please ask for access) APP GIT repo (please ask for access)

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