Happy customer is one essential asset of any store, technology is moving very fast and an it's good to make the biggest number of people enjoy it for daily productivity and ease of life, with the least possible complexity.

What it does

  • In-store Navigation
  • Quick search in store for item location
  • Interactive navigation with highlights and recommendations
  • Crowdsourcing and gamified rewards
  • Real virtual store with latest crowdsourced pictures
  • Keep children safe while shopping
  • Communicate and find friends in-store

How we built it

An Android and IOS app, as well as Progressive Web App for usage even without downloading and installing the app. We used our years of expertise in software development to come up with something that is clean, intuitive, and straight to the point.

Challenges we ran into

  • Web bluetooth is not totally publicly available yet (for PWA)
  • No much available indoor maps
  • Complex math to calculate coordinates

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming from 4 different countries, 3 continents, to hack together @ Junction and make big part of the product up and running. The app is not production ready, but it works and demonstrate most of the corners of our idea.

What we learned

Organizing time and responsibilities between team members is a key to get big progress and being productive. We learned also a lot about beacons technology.

What's next for K-Connect

The app has some nice functionalities already working, and we are looking for mentors and business partners to guide us on how to progress and publish the potential in the idea in the best format possible. Eventually to be an essential product in all stores around the world.

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