Improve crowd management and overcome the problems of pilgrims getting lost in the campaigns.

What it does

A user-friendly application that has a very flexible interface for mass management and small and medium-sized groups. Its limits go beyond traditional applications to provide guidance, logistics and support services.

It is a service provided to the hajj companies. The company will be able to manage different groups and track these groups and their status. Each group leader will be given an app to track the pilgrims and prevent them from getting lost, these pilgrims will be tracked through beacons with each one of them or a mobile app.

How I built it

  • Mobile Stack: XAML, C#, Xamarin
  • Web Stack: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Material Design
  • Graphic Design: Photoshop

Challenges I ran into

  • We can't rely on the internet
  • We can't ask the haj to pay more
  • We don't have a unique identification for haj
  • We can't force the haj to use the latest theologies

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Changing the concept of tracking the Hajj
  • Completing the challenge in a timely manner
  • Postive networking with great people

What I learned

It was our best time to build a business model canvas How to stay up and code for all the entire night

What's next for K-082-Afwaj

Publish this approach as a startup project

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