The idea for this skill stemmed primarily from a desire to assist those who have a visual impairment and might not be able to navigate the website easily. However, it is also very enjoyable to listen to content, such as original music, while working around the house or while driving.

What it does

JW Bible Publications is a skill (published on the Amazon Alexa store) that provides a voice interface to access and reproduce freely available media in the public areas of the site of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The main phrase for activating the skill is: “bible publications“. Therefore, to start it, just say Alexa, open bible publications and then request the content to be reproduced.

It is possible to play both audio and video media. For video content you must have an Echo Spot or Show device for display playback.

How I built it

The skill is built with AWS Cloud9 javascript and Alexa Developer Console.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges that I ran into Learn how to use AWS services and keep up with the technologies provided by the Alexa SDK

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With JW Bible Publications it is possible to receive additional information for the requested content through notification messages on Telegram. By connecting the skill to the Telegram JW Bible Publications – Alexa Skill bot, you will receive, on your mobile device, all information regarding the content requested and access to additional electronic formats (directly downloadable from site of Jehovah’s Witnesses) of the same publication. This mode is particularly useful when you are not using an Echo Show device, therefore with a screen. In fact, through the notifications, it will be possible to view the content of the request, consult additional material related to the publication in reproduction or have the publication itself in an alternative electronic format (e.g. if you are reproducing a study article from the Watchtower, the notification it will also include the direct link to download the publication in PDF format both in the normal and in large fonts).

What I learned

JW Bible Publications is able to automatically create a personalized playlist of the various contents reproduced by the user and track (with bookmarks) the interruptions of the contents to resume them later. Through standard playback controls (such as “Next”, “Previous”, “Pause”, “Resume” or “Start over”) you can browse the playlist while playing a content. The playlist cyclically stores up to 10 media links.

What's next for JW Bible Publications

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