We decide to participate and develop in the Juventud y Tecnología thematic because we want to share with young people how technology works and inspire them to bring new ideas to reality.

What it does

We developed 2 projects related to motivate young people get involved in technology, one of them is a forum with a network media design where young people can share their ideas even if they do not know about programming, it has as main idea to link those who have the creativity with those who have the skills having as a result a great number a new and inovated projects. And the second one is a VR app for android to teach some interesting data about technology with a simple but interactive design, with this application young people can learn more and more about technology in an interesting way.

How we built it

The forum was made with the power of js, php,html and mysql connected into a localhost. The VR app was made with the solutions offered by unity and googlevr.

Challenges we ran into

Best use of a snapdragon device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Both forum and VR app are finished with a performance and design like we planned at the beginning. We arrived with cero knowledge about VR but after 36 hours we have a funtional app. Work as a team. Our performance during the event. Our application of the things we already knew.

What we learned

Unvaluable things we cannot numerate.

What's next for Juventud y Tecnología


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