JusWrite captures the beauty of taking notes and organizing tasks just as on a notepad. Write down tasks, categorize them, prioritize, set reminders, collaborate and do much more on your smartphone or tablet.


✔ Jot down notes, quick and easy
With just a few clicks, write down tasks and manage them all

✔ Categorize, prioritize and mark 'completed'
Manage notes just as on a notepad. Categorize them under useful headers. Set priority by dragging them. Strike them out when completed

✔ Sync, share and collaborate
Sync notes across devices and collaborate with others through shared folders

✔ Smart reminders with quick update
Sticky notes stick no more to the wall. They jump right out of your device to remind you!

✔ Calendar mode for smarter planning
Switch effortlessly between your notes and the calendar

✔ Bulk attach notes to email
The list is really long and gotta email them all? No problem. Bulk attach to the rescue!

✔ Themes to suit different styles
Sharp, suave or fun? Set a theme to match every whim

✔ Access notes on your Gear Watch
Get things done on the move. Access your notes on the Samsung Gear Watch

For any support, queries or suggestions, write to us at: support@juswrite.com

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