What is it?

JustWrite is a platform to primarily take notes. As you take notes, JustWrite uses natural language processing to analyze and search for other users with similar writing topics. Users are then anonymously matched up, and can freely chat with each other.


Mental Wellness

It is estimated that 7% of Americans have had at least one major depressive episode in a given year.

JustWrite aims to help users going through tough times to find someone that can empathize with what they are struggling with.

Connect the World

JustWrite also provides a platform for those with similar interests! Taking lots of notes about Java in class? Get paired up with other users doing the same!



The backend can be ran locally with the following steps: Step1:

npm install

Step 2:

npm start

This opens up the end points at localhost:8080.


The frontend can be ran locally with the following steps Step1:

npm install

Step 2:

ng serve

The current method for connecting the frontend and backend services is via google app engine.

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