When we were brainstorming ideas for the Blueprint hackathon, we realized that one group of people could be immensely helped using the power of the internet: victims of abuse. These people, who feel so isolated and alone, often never get the support they need. In some cases, the abuser is never brought to justice. This is where our idea first took shape.

What it does

Our webapp allows victims of abuse to anonymously post their story - but not to the world. Instead, they post their information to our website, which will document the name and location of the abuse. If, in the future or present, other individuals are abused by the perpetrator, those individuals will see that others have experienced the same abuse.

How we built it

Using a combination of HTML/CSS for the frontend and Python/Flask for the backend, we were able to create a webpage where anonymous submissions could be made and stored in a database using SQLite3. In addition, our webpage could successfully display related submissions by name, location, and description keywords, which we extracted using AI APIs.

Challenges we ran into

The initial API we attempted to use was bulky and unusable, so we had to switch halfway through our project. In addition, backend and frontend programming was extremely challenging to our beginner team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The successful scramble to finish was extremely stressful, especially since we had to change out API halfway through. However, we succeeded, and for that, we are extremely proud.

What we learned

We learned that through perseverance, we could complete an extremely ambitious program in a small amount of time. And what's truly beautiful was the friendship we developed during the experience. In terms of technical experience, we all gained enormous amounts of knowledge on HTML/CSS, Python, and Flask.

What's next for JustUs

We believe that if this project is promoted by a major social media company, it has the ability to tranform lives for the better. It can reshape broken lives, bring criminals to justice, and prevent further abuse.

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