JustRun.It is a web application that allows users to write, run and share code snippets in any language* from a web browser A.K.A JSBin for server-side programming languages.

Users are freed from the hassle of setting up a language runtime just for writing a short block of code in it. Developers can now share code along with its runnable execution context with their peers.

Supported Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Javascript (NodeJS runtime)
  • Golang


  • Docker-powered Isolated execution environments for all snippet runs.
  • Allow users to author snippets in a editor that supports Syntax Highlighting.
  • Terminal Emulator which pipes the running snippet's STDOUT/STDERR streams to the browser.
  • Ability to run snippets and see the results, as they arrive, on the terminal.
  • Automatic dependency detection and installation for Python, Ruby and NodeJS snippets.
  • Allow users to manually list their dependencies for PHP snippets.
  • Allow users to fork other users' snippets as a starting point for their own.
  • Allow users to see lint their snippets.
  • Allow users to change the editor theme and persist the change across sessions.

Who is our Target Audience?

  • Beginners/Hobbyists who’d like get started with a new programming language.
  • Developers who’d like to try out a new library/package/module.
  • Developers who’d like to share code along with its execution context with fellow developers so that it is runnable instantly.
  • Instructors who’d like to set programming assignments for their students.
  • Recruiters who’d like to test potential programming hires.

Things that we are particularly proud of:

  • Stream the STDOUT, STDERR of the running snippet to a terminal emulator in the browser using Go channels and WebSockets.
  • Automatic dependency detection and installation and the modular approach that we had taken to solve it.
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