JustRug NFT dreams to be the first 100x NFT on tron blockchain. We are working tirelessly everyday to bring new projects and investors to tron. We believe NFT on tron can be very easy and lucrative for projects and collectors . We just need to work a little hard.

What it does

JustRug NFT launchpad is a platform where new NFT projects can easily launch on an already built community. We also offer services which include but are not limited to; 1)Art production by our team of top ranking artists 2)NFT generation 3)Writing of TRC721 smart contracts 4)Building of project websites 5)Escrow services etc.

How we built it

We studied SOL NFT space and compared it to tron. We found a gap which we can fill. The project founder introduced the idea tronics and they liked it. So a team of 6 teenagers came together and started building. We are taking it a step at a time.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered a lot of serious challenges which are 1)Documentations are difficult and not frequently updated. 2)There are a lot fake projects on tron this is the worst challenge, real projects now have to compete with projects with fake volumes and bots. Collectors are scared and confused. The fake projects are basically copies of eth projects with no community or utility. 3)Because of the negative effect of no 2 and because most tronics lost money to these projects , it is now difficult to get them to trust new projects .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully launched our collection, recently released a test form in our website where intending projects can fill the form and we will get back to them.

  • We have also entered into partnership with new projects on tron such as Tronpulse, Play2Earn Gaming Group, and a new NFT project called Tron Spaceclub.

What we learned

Tron NFTs might be slow at the moment but it is still very much alive, if all the original projects on tron come together as one, we can build tron to be the biggest NFT blockchain.

What's next for JustRugNFT

We intend to develop and improve our NFT launchpad as well as increase the number of services we render. We are going to employ more advanced developers and artists, as well as a professional video editor. We will continue building our community till we become the biggest community of creators and collectors of NFT. After this hackathon and when we have a bigger community, we will be hosting weekly twitter spaces, specifically for 1v1 artists to chill their art and talk about NFTs too, new collections can be introduced in the twitter space too.

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