With almost all the team members working from home in most of the companies, we were missing the team lunch events and group activities. We have attempted to emulate the culture of Team Lunch in a remote set up where in the group members order together and have it delivered at the same time and join on a live Teams event with their favorite food.

What it does

Any team member can initiate a "Event" and invite his/her colleagues to join the party. The Host chooses a Food Court and sets a max budget for the event. The Budget is equally divided amongst the number of participants. Team members can order food of their choice from the Food Court and finally the Host pays for the entire cart. Food is delivered to individual team mates on the chosen date/time.

How we built it

Build a MVC web site using C# , the backend APIS are hosted on Azure with .NET.

Challenges we ran into

We had no prior experience in developing for Teams and had a tough time implementing the SDK on .NET platform. All the samples were implemented in Java and we had a tough time understanding the authentication and Graph API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build the website on .NET and bring it into teams and behave as a native application. Implemented a ChatBot that is powered by the same backend APIs that powers our UI - hence the Bot behaves like a realtime view of the Order/Cuisine details without having to launch the app,

What we learned

Teams is a great new development platform which brings many collaboration tools like Bot, posts, channels and authentication for free. It also provides a venue to showcase the right apps to the right audience.

What's next for JustMyFood

We want to build this into a full featured product based on active feedback from users.
We have a basic implementation of the Bot, which can be enhanced using backend APIs to learn from user habits and past purchase trends - to suggest different cuisines. We also plan to support multiple locales/languages with speech integration.

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