Lunch is the perfect time to connect and reconnect with friends, acquaintances and co-workers, but the planning process is currently time consuming and annoying. Emailing someone and booking an appointment on your calendar a week in advance is overly formal, and messaging a few of your friends the day of is time consuming, unreliable, and lacks broad coverage within your friend network. We developed a tool that automatically matches you with someone you want to have lunch with so you can consistently have lunches filled with new perspectives, memories, and restored relationships with a uniform sampling of your broad (or small) real-life social network, all available with less than one minute of setup.

How it works

JustLunchMe is a fully functional web app that features Google authentication, responsive layout, live updating and fast performance, and a minimal, focused design that allows users to fill in their information as efficiently as possible. We used a bootstrap and angular front end to interact with a Heroku server and a Mongo Database.

User Workflow

  1. Login with google authentication
  2. Add emails to your "Lunch List"
  3. Fill out your availability by dragging events into the embedded calendar
  4. Receive an match via email at 10 AM whenever we find you a match


One of our members was new to programming and had never dealt with any web development, so getting rolling was an interesting challenge. Also, we were going to use Facebook authorization, but they are updating their SDK in a few months and pulling the core functionality that our app would need to use. We had to pivot pretty late in the game to use Google auth, and that seemed to work well with some creative hacks.


We're happy that we've made a fully functional tool that addresses a real need in our lives, and have something beautiful to show for it. Also, the ranking algorithm is pretty great, and we're excited to see how it performs in the real world.

What's next for JustLunchMe

The future is bright, and we're planning on incorporating more advanced matchmaking features, including friends-of-friends features, desired topics of conversation, and prioritization so you can emphasize matches with certain people. Facebook auth and location are on the horizon as well. We'll see how adoption is at UWaterloo and go from there!

(Also made by Malcolm Ocean, who doesn't have a Challengepost account)

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