According to a study, there is a surge in global online education in response to COVID-19. Millions of retrenched or unemployed individuals are looking for new ways to join the challenging market, or those currently with jobs are unsure with what the future holds for them.

With dozens of educational platforms to learn from, there is one thing most of them are missing, securing a job for their students. With a plethora of courses available, everyone is spoilt for choice. But this could also be a bad thing.


Millions of individuals are currently suffering from losing their jobs or uncertainty with their current skillset. We were inspired to help them out by providing free resources for the future.

What it does

JustLearn is a platform for passionate volunteers who have experience in a certain skillset to upload their classes to our platform.

It is also a platform for those who have lost their jobs to learn and equip themselves with new skills relevant to jobs that they are interested in.

The platform will be looking for jobs and would curate which classes to take or certificates to pass to possibly land a job offer.

Being an online platform, we are accessible everywhere. We will also be looking for courses specific to the demands of each region.

How we built it

With limited experience in website deployment, we chose to build a mock site instead, using The mock site is currently static with limited functions but captures the vision we have for the future end product.

Challenges we ran into

Coming from South East Asia, it was a challenge looking for mentors in the same time zone as well as participating in ZHack events. However, we made sure that we attended a clinic and adjusted it. Initially, we used to build the website. However, we realised that there were limited features and we quickly switched to Boxmode to develop the website.

Being our first Hackathon, we struggled to look for resources that would help us out. We had issues picking out the best ways of developing our idea into a prototype. We had limited skills but participating in this hackathon has given us a lot of new skills to learn and equip ourselves for future projects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to develop a concept site in a short amount of time. We were not confident at the start, but we knew that we had to get it done, no matter what.

What we learned

Initially, we thought of using complicated solutions. Using machine learning, blockchain, AR and so much more. But we realised that we had to create a simple solution.

That led us to just creating a basic, functional website. It might not stack up against machine learning, blockchain, and other technologies, but it didn't have to.

We found a problem, we found a group of individuals suffering from this problem, and we knew that we had to create a simple, functional solution.

What's next for JustLearn Platform

Early Stage Initiatives

a) Developing it into a fully functional site. i) With the use of ReactJS and Firebase Database ii) Creating a UI friendly site

b) Scrape through job-posting sites such as LinkedIn/Glassdoor and to post them on our site as well. i) This is an early-stage strategy ii) Once the platform has reached a certain appeal from companies, we will allow them to directly post on our site as well.

c) Convene with a group of experts to discuss the relevant skills and certifications required for the job postings.

Later Stage Initiatives

a) Eventually, we are also looking at having a program where experts can list paid classes. Volunteers can sign up for the class and complete the course and would only have to pay after they have secured a job from a company.

b) Have a regional focus to curate the demands for each region.

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