Distraction during class and lack of attendance is a large problem for many students. We wanted to improve on the concept put forward by PocketPoints by pairing the concepts of rewards for disabling phone use with integration with schedule and location data to reward students for being on time and engaged during class.

What it does

JustInClass is an App intended to help students to keep up with their classes. The App looks at the current location of the user and the next scheduled class location. If the student has a class soon and is not in the class location, the app suggest to go the class and opens Google Maps with directions to the next class. If in the class location on time, the app gives points to incentivize the student.

How we built it

We created the App using Android Studio. We started getting familiarized with the environment and language. After this, we worked on using the Google Maps Android Location API and parsing files imported from google calendar to achieve some of the app's functionalities.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the app was way harder than we thought and we had too many ideas for the app that couldn't be achieved within the time limit. Also, we had a lot of issues installing Android Studio (Mac) and some struggles with the environment itself and the new language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the locations and maps feature to work, although we couldn't integrate all the app functionalities.

What we learned

A new language! And how to google a lot to find out how to do every single step.

What's next for JustInClass

Integrate the calendar well and develop a lot more the UI. We also want to add a more screens/pages. One with a general summary of the student performance (points, % of attendance and stay in class), closest Assignments, newest Announcements, tips, etc. Another page that has the course information and direct access to related class pages (Canvas, Piazza, etc).

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