The average person goes to the grocery store more than once a week, when you’re shopping, what do you usually think about? Do you look at the price? The availability? Maybe the ingredients?

Do you ever think about the impact it has on the environment? The impact the company has on the environment?

I’m Araz, and we’re Team Balthazar, we’re here to help you make those decisions.

We know that people want to make better choices in their every day lives, but it’s not always that simple. Right now, in order to find out all of the information about a product, it’s tedious, troublesome, time consuming,

What if we could change that, what if we could make it as simple as taking a picture. Introducing Justify.

With Justify we simplify the process of informed decisions, and as a by product, encourage companies to consider their environmental impact. DEMO You can see our application here, you click the button to open the application and use the camera. From there we scan the product we’re curious about!

Once the product has been identified, you can see how it scores across 4 different criteria. Environmental Impact Sustainability Fair trade Price index, whether or not you’re paying more than at another retailer

While this data is usually spread out across the internet, we make it easy to find and understand.

It’s as easy as point and snap, and you can shop knowing your decisions are justified. Thank you for your time.

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