A search engine for social justice, ShellHacks 2020

JusticeBytes was developed to help everyone educate themselves on current events and social issues.

Try JusticeBytes for yourself @ https://jolly-stone-031bd520f.azurestaticapps.net/

Developed with ❤ by:

  • Anthony Hevia - Fullstack/DevOps
  • Komila Kebolo - ML/UX
  • Dylan Ocha - Backend
  • Adam Fernandes - Web Scraping / Backend, Frontend styling

Tools & Technologies

  • Azure Static Sites to deploy the frontend
  • Azure Apps for the backend
  • Bing News Search API for additional results
  • Azure LUIS for additional Language Understanding Services
  • Postman for API testing
  • Python3 for the backend
  • Node.js & React for the frontend
  • Docker for deployments


The Issue of Today

  • In today’s highly politicized and polarized world, it’s essential to stay current with the happenings of society, However, that’s easier said than done.
  • It’s tough to get all the facts so you can stay current and up to date. Some people feel certain websites are heavily biased, so they don’t know what to trust, and others simply don’t know where to look at all.

The Answer

  • Enter JusticeBytes: a search engine for social justice. The UX is simple and intuitive, and will greet the user just like any search engine should: with a welcoming feel and a blank search bar for the user to dump any and all questions they have.
  • Are you curious what’s going on right now on the Supreme Court? Are you unsure about what’s going on between the United States and China? How about your state’s elections? Look no further than JusticeBytes, and all of your questions will be answered.

How to Use

  • Simply drop in your question, hit enter or click search, and a bunch of “byte” sized news items and articles will greet you, each a headline for a news article that, on click, will direct you for further reading. The best part is, you won’t need to worry about bias, since the more articles presented means a higher degree of diversity of ideas.


Here is a non-ranked, non-exhaustive list of all the resources we used to bring JusticeBytes to life.

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