The inspiration came from Hiil Justice in need in Uganda research report which states that : Nearly two thirds (65%) of Ugandans seek information and advice when faced with a justice problem.Also during the legal hackathon kampala, 70% of people we surveyed have difficulties or pay to much to access because they don't understand well legal procedures and they said having a platform that share these for free will be a great help.

JusticeBot is a chatbot that connects people with legal service providers and provides them legal procedures information in a well simplified and a game that makes people learn how to handle day to day legal and know their legal rights and duties.

JusticeBot is Facebook/Messenger Chatbot which is built using Node.js and PHP. The information are stored using Mysql Database. The game is built with html5 technology and Facebook Instant Game. We used Facebook to host the game.

The challenge we had when building is we did not know anything about game but we had to build a game.

Everyone needs justice but the laws explaining how to get it are complex to be understood easily. Being an agent who makes law easy to understand 24/7 and makes access to justice easier is one of the best thing to do in life via game is an interesting and great thing. We are really dedicated to and proud of the work we are doing. People are giving great feebacks to show what we are doing is of great help knowing that gives us courage.

We have learn a lot concerning justice problems that is pressing our community; Land Dispute Issues, Family Issues , Facebook Game Technologies and platforms.

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