Looking at social justice advocacy from a macro perspective, there are 2 main issues that we observed:

  1. Social movements are spread across social media platforms → it creates an environment where information/online discourse become convoluted

  2. Vision without a mission → Social change necessitates action aimed at a specific goal, it is difficult to keep track of progress of efforts/actionables aimed at tackling these issues

Our creation aims to provide a centralized platform that provides information on social justice issues, rally communities together to tackle these issues while tracking actionables of our united efforts towards progress.

What it does

Here comes justice!

Fear not, because Justice is here! Justice is a platform purely for the discussion of social issues where users can choose to champion or participate in those which they are passionate about. Justice comes with five main features:

  1. Repertoire of Social Issues - allows individuals to view social issues, including those that are popular or trending. Each issue has its own database of useful information, including curated descriptions and links to educational videos and articles.

  2. Progress Tracking - features a timeline of events, which records community efforts done to advance the social cause. This provides a centralized information hub/library regarding previous and present efforts regarding a social cause.

  3. Creation and Broadcasting of Events - allows users to see the events that are happening now (marked with a radiating purple dot). This helps users keep track of events they can participate in in real-time, allowing for greater user-cause interaction.

  4. Chatroom and Commenting - gives users the ability to talk and add thoughts about each issue. Users are able to use this feature to not only actively engage less-interested individuals, but also organize events related to the issues.

  5. User Profile - Displaying top contributions and interests of users on their user page, so that (1) they can be proud of the issues that they are championing and (2) others with similar interests can reach out to them.

How we built it

We built it using ReactJS as the frontend, Flask as the backend and SQLite3 as the database.

Challenges we ran into

Building a complete full-stack application within the time limit is very stressful. Particularly even more so during a weekend before the midterms 😛

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing a full-stack application about social justice within 32 hours

What we learned

Probably not doing a full-stack application for the next hackathon 😂

What's next for Justice

  1. Smaller communities can be created within the larger social issues, for example by geographical locations. This makes it easier to track progress in a smaller community, which can be counted as progress towards the main social issue.
  2. Adding a feature to find events by location (adding Google Maps API to our tech stack)
  3. Designate leaders (the go-to people) for each social issue with the ability to edit descriptions and moderate chats.

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