Inspiration: Justice Bot Uganda was started in the year 2018 as a way to connect clients to professional experts through information sharing.

What it does: Our Goal is to provide answers to everything. We aim to create the most extensive database of answers to all questions as submitted and replied to by our ever-growing membership. We want every person who needs a question answered to be confident they will find it here, and find it fast.

How we built it: Justice Bot Uganda is currently on Facebook as a page and currently has a facebook group, has a website built on HTML and Integrated Customer Chat Plugin for Facebook Messenger, runs on Google Drive that hosts a number of free readable material for law students and the general Ugandan community aimed at learning the law. The platform also uses google classroom under learn the law link. This part is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn the law to pursue the same at no cost. All one has to do is log in to a google class room stream with there gmails and they will have access to readable materials and assignments provided to them by experts in that field

Challenges we ran into: No funding at the moment. All we are using to offer this service is personal finances

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Having a facebook page and group, website, and the fact that students are using the reading materials provided on our google drive. We do also update our facebook page with legal materials informing the public to know their rights. We are also glad to inform you that people do use the ''Ask a lawyer'' section. Our experts are offering legal information for free to those in need.

What we learned: We at Justice Bot Uganda have learnt how to use different platforms such as facebook, google, linkedin, website all in an effort to bring information closer to people and in a bid to achieve the UN SDG goals.

What's next for JUSTICE BOT UGANDA: Would love to finish our testing phase of the website and officially launch . we need to get subscribers (experts) to the platform so that they can be able to answer the questions asked by the users of our platform.

Justice Bot Uganda is completely free to use and also contains several features that make it stand out. Namely, the ability to have answers responded to you by our community experts free of charge, the ability to request any experts for professional help at the tap of a button, we also offer writing services to law students and wish to expand the same services to other students with time.

SDG 4: Quality Education ( This goal is addressed under our Education guide where our platform offers free legal reading materials to Law students and the general public who seek to know the law. Our platform also features the ''Learn the Law '' section specifically for members of the public we intend to study the Ugandan Law. We intend to have a team of Community experts experienced in the field of the law to teach it to members of the public that are interested. This section is free to all Ugandans. Under this section, we use Google classroom to offer this service.

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth ( This goal is addressed under ''Find an expert''. Here professionals will have there profiles featured on the platform for free. The experts will state their names, where their offices are located, emails and their practice areas. This will enhance their chances of getting clients who seek their services thereby providing decent work to the experts and further foster economic growth.

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (This is a new idea in Uganda and no one is currently doing it. Its innovative in a sense that all one has to do is access the internet and have their queries answered by our team of experts. Should they need further help, all they have to do is set up an appointment with that expert.

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities ( This idea if well funded is able to sustain a city and the community in the sense that it will bridge the information gap between service providers and community members. This will be done by ensuring that our platform gets as many experts as we can in all fields in abid to make the platform make sense.

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