I was thinking about my love of travel. I was thinking about inspiration. I was thinking about where I will travel to next. Then I came up with JustGo. A random location generator.

What it does

The intention of this app was to generate a random location for someone to travel to either locally by Uber or nationally and internationally by plane.

How I built it

I built it using xCode and Swift.

Challenges I ran into

While creating the application I found I had to overcome a fare learning curve due to my lack of experience with swift as a language. I couldn't figure out how to do a few different aesthetic and user experience methods such as specific transitions I had in mind when thinking of the app, however, I still was able to make a visually appealing application. I spent a large amount of time figuring out what seemed to offer the most simple and fun design. This, however, proved to affect the time I put into the dynamics of the application (such as airfare/airtravel location).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just creating something that looks the way I envisioned it.

What I learned

How to manipulate and achieve high quality animations, how to create graphics and a large amount of the how and why for swift.

What's next for JustGo

A large challenge of JustGo was finding an AirFare API that didn't cost money. I would love to actually implement airfares for whatever locations the program generates. I also would like to create a list of actives that correlate with locations.

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