I had an idea for a domain that could also be useful for some short stories I've been thinking about: was giving out .tech, .space, and .online domains for a year and I wanted to do something fun with the .space one.

What it does

Nothing but maybe bring a little smile to viewers with low expectations.

How I built it

I used Google App Engine to host the site, but most of the work is in HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

I originally had a grand plan involving google cloud's AI Vision tools and horoscopes but I effectively only had 2.5 hours during this hackathon to really do anything. That project might have to wait until after the semester is done!

Also, defining paths to images is surprisingly tricky when you can't just poke around in the target server to make sure the directories are what you intended them to be.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Somehow getting GCP App Engine to cooperate with me so fast. I had much more trouble last year when I first tried it out.

What I learned

Adding a / before image URLs in CSS makes the browser look in the root directory of the domain for the image.

What's next for JustFloatinThru.Space

Maybe some short stores, AI Vision based horoscopes, and whatever else would be fitting for a website with no specific purpose but to bring people joy.

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