During these uncertain times of COVID-19, the shopping experience both for customers and for retailers alike has become a painful experience. With social distancing regulations, limited shopping hours, and growing queues both outside and inside shopping malls has all made the regular shopping experience a challenge on its own.

What it does

"JusTap" is a creative and innovative way to reduce all these challenges faced by customers and retailers. Our "one-tap" solution solves the problem of long waiting times in shopping malls, as well as extended queues waiting to checkout and pay for your items. Just by "one-tap" a customer who walks into a shopping mall, can tap their mobile device on the items (bar-code or NFC sticker) that they wish to purchase, and instantly pay and checkout their purchases, directly from within the store, without having to wait in long queues at checkout tellers, to pay for their items. Our unique "one-tap" solution can also provide product information, such as allergens, expiry dates for products as well as nutritional information all provided within a slick, clean user interface on their mobile device. A receipt can be sent via a text message or via email to the users mobile device, as proof of his purchase. The receipt can also be displayed on a screen at the entrance / exit of the retailer for a checkout clerk to verify the customers purchase. We will also be including helpful analytics information on dashboards within the App, both for the customer and for the retailer, to display customer purchase history, value of purchase, store name, store location, duration of customers shopping times etc;

How I built it

Using open source and square.api

Challenges I ran into

market research not fully completed due to time. integration of square api

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

team efforts, being able to create a final product.

What I learned

remote team motivation and collaboration is great, it requires different management of this environment.

What's next for justap

1) finalizing the app and analytics portions 2) building team 3) approaching potential clients 4) looking at marketing requirements 5) adding additional features and functionality into the app. we envision that this will be a fully featured rich shopping experience which is both familiar, but unique in its ways. we also intend adding chatbot functionality into the app that can simplify the whole shopping experience for retailers and shoppers. watch this space!

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