We wanted to create an chat app in Facebook that would bring together people that wouldn't normally interact with each other.

What it does

It finds users with one common interest and many differences, and bring them together to anonymously talk. The intent is for the users to figure out their common interest, and use it as a way to build common ground between very different people.

How I built it

We used Node.js hosted on Heroku to implement the Facebook Messenger API.

Challenges I ran into

The facebook documentation was unwieldy and confusing, and we spent a lot of time understanding it. In addition, Heroku was something none of us had used, and getting webhooks to properly link was a good learning experience but took time. As most of our group were first time hackathoners, this whole experience was a significant hurdle to overcome, but we did it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to get a basic implementation working, but then broke it somehow, and Heroku kept crashing after that. However, creating our basic implementation, based on our starting knowledge, was a great accomplishment!

What I learned

We learned a lot about many different things, from developing our js skills, to building a web app for the first time, to how to use complex api's. As a team of mainly novices, we developed a lot from where we started.

What's next for Broadening Horizons

Fix the unknown error that seems to be crashing heroku

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