In today's everchanging society, the share of people holding cash on themselves has severely declined. As a group of music and entertainment lovers, we often feel the need to express a gratitude of token and kindly donate just a bit towards their cause. To solve this problem, we created a seamless, private and easy to use application which allows everyday observers to quickly and securely pay using CoinBase via BitCoin.

What it does

The application detects nearby iBeacons (estimote) and gives the user the option to donate a fixed amount towards the street performer. Using coinbase, we were able to create a secure, private and effective POS system.

How I built it

We built this app using Java and Android-Studio. SDKS we used were Estimote-beacons and CoinBase.

Challenges I ran into

The project was built on a spur of the moment idea during Hack the North 2016. Trying to time manage ourselves from engaging in fun activities at the venue and diverting our attention to workshops of the sort, was the biggest challenge. However, we managed to solidify enough time together as a team to create what we believe is a solid product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For many of us this is is our first or second hackathon, and to create a product while still engaging in the various activities and workshops is our biggest accomplishment. We learned to use APIs effectively in our code while maintaining a clean and elegant user interface.

What I learned

We learned how to succesfully work as a group given a short time schedule, as well as function in high stress scenarios. We learned how to develop as an agile group making multiple pivots a long the way.

What's next for JustaBit

Just A Bit to us is a passion project that will be continued to be worked on by the team. Next steps:

  • cleaner ui
  • media links for street performers
  • history of payment
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