From personal journal writing and talking to others who journal, physical writing is preferred for its basic, clean functionality without the temptations to edit or add that digital programs allow. Yet physical journals require production, space, and can be difficult to maintain, especially for privacy.

With Just Write, users can write in a basic, clean format without the extra edit functions but all of the benefits of a digital program for storage, privacy, and sharing.

What it does

Users can create their own font by inputting their handwritten alphabet and symbols, upload images, or choose from the fonts to write.

Different journal template options to choose from.

Clean, basic journal format with no ability to backspace or edit.

A plant in the sidebar that grows as you write more.

Workup and planning progress:

How I built it

Team of design students + economics/public health/writing student learning and working together: Katelyn W., Cathy T., Katherine L., Kristen S.

Base is HTML with digital journal template designs.

Challenges I ran into

Building the plan while still learning code and about resources at HackDavis2020.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using GitHub and devpost as a beginner. Attending first hackathon. Meeting and working in a team of different disciplines.

What I learned

Starting points for coding projects, more on teamwork, about basic needs for coding projects,

What's next for Just Write

Continuing to learn and code, design for social good

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