This prototype shows an idea for the track "Digital Insurances" - Hackaburg19. Picking just the right insurances can be tough and frustrating and since the suggested idea of a chatbot might result in even more frustration, due to miscomprehension, this webapp tries to solve the user's needs while making them feel as if they are playing.

What it does

"Just to be insured" offers the user the option to playfully set up a profile and choose from a pre-sorted selection of the available insurances types (e.g. bike insurance, house insurance). When selecting a certain insurance type the user is asked to insert more specific information about themselves. While doing so, they are continuously being informed about their progress to avoid frustration. Based on the given information the user gets an overview on how well the different insurances fit their needs and can choose one of the shown offers. Upon choosing an offer, this insurance gets marked as "done", the user is rewarded with a badge and can continue selecting more insurance types. Since the data will be persisted, they may as well continue later on. The collected data could be exported as a JSON and be used as a reference for a later appointment to actually conclude an insurance contract.

How I built it

Since time was short (from 1PM to 1PM the next day), I resorted to building a small prototype with "balsamiq". What I had in mind and started: Building a webapp using JS, HTML and CSS. The app uses localstorage to prevent data loss upon window or tab exit.

Challenges I ran into

Not enough time to implement any of the interesting features I had in mind.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Some cool ideas.

What I learned

The power of a good UI and UX is not to be underestimated.

What's next for Just to be insured


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