The modern search engine presents information without much context. Where is it from? Why did this person write this information? What values does the source have associated with?

Just the Facts is for a user who wants to make informed decisions about important topics in a world where information and misinformation are a constant on the internet.

What it does

In the world of education, teachers, students, librarians, and more all have to navigate the information on the web. With a tool like Just the Facts, educators and students can use it to enhance their information assessment skills and understand the context of the information on the internet.

How we built it

A proof of concept site using gay marriage legality facts by scraping a site for a CSV in python and presenting it into an easy to use, mobile friendly site for the every day user. Reminiscent of Google, but just a little more understanding of relevancy.

On the home page we have multiple topics that are commonly debated with a large amount of misinformation around them. But the heart of it is allowing a user to search and get results, and context.

Challenges we ran into

As first time hackers, we went bold with our concept and had to really pair down as we went, but we feel that we have the essence of our project presented today!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just glad to have made it to the end.

What we learned

Map APIs are hard!!

What's next for Just the Facts

The evolution of this project would be incorporating constant web scrapers, crawlers, and more so that it automatically updates and projects the relevant information and metadata from the world, giving everyone a new way to search and fulfill their information needs.

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