Just Spinning is heavily inspired by TV game shows, as well as fun/whimsical games like Fall Guys, Jackbox Party Packs, and others. My aim with any project is to increase the interactivity between streamers and their viewers. I usually do this with game integrations, but I figured spicing up a 'Just Chatting' segment was a fun change of pace.

What it does

Using Channel Points, viewers are added to a queue of players. Whenever the streamer feels like it, they can trigger a 'wheel spin' that will determine a random game played by the streamer and the viewer. These quick, light-hearted games serve to break up the monotony of Just Chatting, and add even more interactions and fun highlights with the streamer.

How I built it

I used my usual tech stack: Node.JS for the EBS (Heroku for hosting), and React for the frontend (with some Twitch helpers I wrote myself to make development a little easier). This is the first time I built a chat integration (using tmi.js), so that was fun too!

Challenges I ran into

I only heard about the hackathon around a week and a half before the deadline, so it's been a mad dash to get this finished -- especially working solo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing this thing in time! I'm also super happy with the 'production value' of the whole thing - I love the design and the whole game show vibe thanks to the voice acting.

What I learned

You can really up the wow-factor with a killer design and good sound design (if applicable). The design of the mascotte was done by a good friend, and the voice acting was done by a professional voice actor. The rest of the project (development, video editing & animating, ...) was done entirely by myself. I hadn't ever really animated before, so creating the trailer was an incredibly educating experience.

What's next for Just Spinning

More games! More content! I can see this getting a Bits implementation very soon too -- Channel Points are just the start.

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