Transport yourself to a whole new world of virtual reality by upgrading your standard cardio bike workout into an adrenaline-inducing mountain biking experience. Pedal faster on the stationary bike to travel faster on the trail.

How It Works

The project utilizes an encoder, an Arduino Uno, a computer fan, a stationary bike, and an Oculus Rift. The encoder is used to measure the angular velocity of the stationary bike's wheel. In turn, this controls the speed of the 360-degree video played on the Oculus Rift, making it seem as if you are riding the trail faster. The encoder also controls the speed of the computer fan placed in front of your seat, so the faster you bike, the more wind you feel - just like in real life.

What's next for Just Out For a Rift

The next step for this project is to make it compatible with other exercising machines, such as rowing machines. In addition, a dedicated library of 360 degree videos optimized for the Rift would be built to allow users to personalize their exercising experience. Lastly, optional user profiles would be added so users can keep track of what trails they have finished and basic statistics such as calories burned, maximum speed reached, distance covered, etc.

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