The high number of wrongful arrest and the prevalence of police violence against PoC was the main inspiration for this project. We wanted to build a tool that impacts this issue and gives citizens power.

What it does

“Go live” in the app when a cop is approaching you, or when you feel unsafe. The app live streams audio, video, and location data discreetly, running in the background. Your trusted contacts are notified and can see it. All available data is stored safely in the cloud.

How we built it

We utilized Android Studio, Mux video streaming, and Google Firebase to build a privacy focused emergency streaming tool that helps people get help from their friends and family.

Challenges we ran into

Fixing Git conflicts, making it all work together was tough, video streaming is hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We overcame the struggles of integrating our code and combined projects to fully build our app from different git branches.

We all stepped far outside our comfort zones to build a great app, while learning tons of new skills along the way. It has been a journey.

What we learned

I learned: in-depth Android development, XML and UI design, UI/UX prototyping with Figma, and Photoshop. Amrita learned: backend development with Android Studio, geolocation related programming, and some UI prototyping Younseo learned: tons of backend development, how to use a Git repository, and how Android Studio works Vinamr learned how to implement a database, and a firebase login page + user management system.

What's next for Just In Case

An iPhone app, and then a dApp (decentralized app) on Blockstack's decentralized application platform. We want Just In Case to be totally secure, private, and reliable.

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