Inspiration - Interest in game development and VR gadgets. We love unity and wanted to have fun with it for this project.

What it does - it simulates the way a horse would see the world. It will help us to make a virtual reality to understand the animal perspective and the world from their eyes.

How we built it - We used unity along with OVR (Open VR) to simulate what it would be to have equine vision. We used two cameras positioned on the sides of user's head which will imitate the horse vision. We used C# to manage audio and visual effects to increase immersion.

Challenges we ran into - We did not sleep enough. :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Having a fun weekend and putting together a fun project. For Akash it was the first ever hackathon project presentation.

What we learned - We learned basics of unity and about what possibilities of virtual realities are there and how it can be used for fun games, educational presentations for kids and develop an interest in them about VR and technology.

What's next for Just Horsing Around! - This could serve as an example for further medical research into vision and how our brains process visual stimulus.

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