If you have ever said, "I don't know what to do tonight," or, "No, I'm not feeling that," then you can benefit from Just Go Out. We made this so that going out can just be fun without having to be stressed about the planning.

What it does

Just Go Out is a SoMoLo (Social Mobile Local) Android app that seeks to make Friday night fun again! We locate events and places around you, using Facebook's publicly available data, and present you with a randomized option. You can immediately get directions to this venue - with one button press - thanks to Google Maps!

How we built it

Graph is a RESTful, and we get our datums in JSON, so a lot of the final code involves traversing JSON elements. Once we get our list in order, a Rando comes along and picks our winner. To send our users out to Google Maps, it was a pretty simple matter, just involving placing the coordinates of our current position and destination into a maps request and placing that into an Intent.

Challenges we ran into

Despite the greater-than-average number of Android Studio oddities we ran into, development was smooth. Hooking together the Facebook Graph API involved lots of experimentation and failure. But eventually we were able to get all of the data we needed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using the Graph API to get local events is pretty cool.

What we learned

Now we have experience with Facebook's Graph API, and are more familiar with Android development.

What's next for Just Go Out

  1. Presenting the chosen option is the most visibly horrid thing about our app. In the future, we'd like to present a card with our pick, including the location's picture and description.
  2. Moar sauces. We would like to also be able to scrub other sites like Twitter, Yelp, reddit, etc.
  3. Allowing the user to tweak settings like event radius, place categories, and preferences.
  4. Weighted results: events which get lots of positive feedback/attendance, and are closer to you, will be more likely to be displayed.
  5. Giving the ability to confirm or deny that you're going to a Facebook event right from the app!
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