I never went into kitchen to cook ever in my life but this quarantine and boredom made me live in my kitchen trying out different cooking hacks these few months and whenever i stepped in looking for making some good dish and when i google for recipes in google all i get is a site with thousands of adds in it hindering every important thing i wanted to notice while cooking that didnt seem to be problem until i messed up with my black forest cake where i was supposed to add yeast before hand but missed doing that because it was right next to a big ad poster which i avoided while looking into my preparation menu.

What it does

This extension when added in google chrome makes sure that whenever a cooking realted site is opened it checks for the all important content that we might need in the sight excluding ad's and unnecessary paragraphs that are there in the site and displays it on the popup window, this in addition also breaks down the recipe and displays its nutrient chart for us to choose a healthy dish and lead a healthy life.

How I built it

The extension is made with javascript completely in the backend and front end interaction along with the help of jquery and HTML and CSS are used in making the popup window.

Challenges I ran into

While building the extension there were lot of options that need to be considered since i stepped into chrome extensions for the first time and the issue appeared in the databases finding and utilizing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that we could finally make an extension which correctly identified whether the website is a scam or not.

What I learned

I learnt how to make google chrome extensions, worked under time pressure and looks for innovative and creative ideas.

What's next for JUST GIVE THE RECIPE

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