We were inspired by our Software Engineering Project, whereby each individual is assigned to respective tasks. We thought that if there was a way whereby we can know each other's commitments, we would be able to better assign tasks and know what to expect, without causing a strain in our relationship.

What it does

Just Do It Bot is a task managing Telegram bot which can manage tasks in a group setting as well as individually. It has Create, Read, Update, Delete functionality, which allows users a lot of convenience in navigating and managing their tasks.

How we built it

Just Do It Bot is built using the Telegram API, and is written in Python. It uses the python-telegram-bot library. The backend is served using PostgreSQL, and the bot is hosted using Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

Building Just Do It bot was a challenge as we did not have prior experience in using the technologies which are used in this project. Being unfamiliar with the technologies, we had to consult various tutorials and documentation while creating our project.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Since it was the first time for all 3 of us to use a database, we were proud that we could get our Telegram bot running locally and save the respective data. Furthermore, we did not have prior Python knowledge or creating a Telegram bot, we were happy that we got to create Just Do It bot. This is also our first project where we successfully hosted our product for public use.

What we learned

Our greatest learning point is the use of a relational database to store the data for our bot. We also learnt some quirks of Python language.

What's next for Just Do It Bot

Just Do It Bot will be improved with additional features such as automatic reminders, with better usage of date data to schedule tasks and enhance its ability to streamline the managing of tasks.

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