Inspiration & What It does

Playing a dancing game has always required buying another fancy game console with extraneous equipments

Just Dance for Me enables multiplayer dancing games by tracking the users' movements with the accelerometers and the gyroscopes on their phones.

Own no dancing game/console? No problem. We'll pick a publicly available videos of dancing games from the YouTube and turn the video into a dance game.

The sensor data from your phone is processed and the result is sent and synchronized across all the players via Firebase.

Your game controller (phone) provides a real-time audio feedback based on your performance.

Tech Stack

Firebase, Node.js, Express.js, Jade, Sass

Challenges we ran into

  1. Real-time video synchronization
  2. Gesture recognition
  3. Authentication between laptop/mobile

What's next for Just Dance for Me

  1. Integration of WebRTC for real-time video feed sharing
  2. Allow play with arbitrary choice of songs
  3. Implement Hidden Markov Model for better gesture recognition
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