What it does

Our robot studies the environment it's put in. When turned on, it will travel all over the room it's in and continuously send information to a computer (through node.js) about its current location (i.e. distance from obstacles). Using this data, the remote computer construct a simple layout of the room.

How we built it

We started by constructing a basic circuit that would allow us to just operate the treaded chassis. As we determined the information that we wanted our rover to track, we added sensors one at a time and developed additions to the chassis as required. With respect to software, the first step was to get the car to move. Then, the next major landmarks were to get server-client communications up and obstacle detection working.

Challenges we ran into

The Intel Edison has a huge learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We figured out how to connect to the Intel Edison.

What we learned

How to connect to the Intel Edison.

Built With

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