We realized that many times we weren’t making the best use of the small fragments of time throughout our day. Most of us aren’t designating a set time to indulge in new activities and hobbies we would like to pursue because we tell ourselves that we don’t have time or that we’d rather be spending that time towards ‘working’. For example, scrolling through Instagram or Twitter in between meetings or right before lunch, rather than putting those precious minutes towards doing something far more productive. We wanted to break the ‘busier than we think we are’ mentality with the ‘Just 5 Minutes’ web app, and help users to make the best usage of their spare time.

What it does

The web app is a productivity tool that is designed to help users delegate their time more wisely and act towards their personal goals instead of putting them off.

  1. After the user creates an account, they can can create their first Bubble on the Dashboard via the navigation bar.
  2. Bubbles are small community groups of people with a similar interest. You can create Bubble Goals and work towards the same goal together. Each bubble is stored in the database with a encryption of the timestamp to ensure we don't have duplicate entries!
  3. The user can start their goal and a five minute timer will be displayed. The user will have the option to continue their activity for another 5 minutes and stop whenever they want. The user will then be prompted to log their progress and the progress circle will be updated. Each goal's progress is stored in our database by Bubble.
  4. Users can also create personal bubbles to work towards their personal goals.
  5. The Bubbles Page has a search bar and allows users to find new Bubbles to be a part of! Users can filter through bubbles using categories including Health and Fitness, Personal, Social, Educational, and Career and Finance.
  6. The Awards page displays the awards the user has earned for hitting milestones.

How we built it

We first planned and designed the prototype in Figma. Then we built the site using React and Material UI for the frontend and Google Firebase including Authentication, Hosting and Firestore for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges were building a platform where multiple users can work towards the same goal from different accounts. We ended up working with Firebase and the Firestore database to keep records of each bubble and allow seamless users to accomplish their goals together. As well as we were not very familiar with Material UI we had some challenges getting our design visions fully accomplished while keeping the website functional.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re extremely proud we were able to build an entire full-stack platform in a short time while fitting the prototype style guide. We ended up adapting our ideas as we moved forward but we’re happy with the design of the final product and its functionality. Especially the ability to automatically update goal progress for multiple users through the shared goals system.

What we learned

We learned a lot about using React as we weren’t all familiar with it prior to. As well as learning how to use Firebase for backend across multiple users and how to store and access data optimally. Finally we also learned Material UI as for most of us it was our first time using the framework. In addition to the technical skills we also learned about the importance of planning and prototyping before coding. It saved us a lot of time to figure out what we wanted to build and made our lives much easier!

What's next for Just 5 Minutes

In the future we would love to add additional features to enhance the team-bonding experience of completing goals together. One step would be adding a message board for users to connect and send messages with other bubble members. As well, maybe integrating video call features into the platform to allow users to connect with each other while completing goals and feel even more motivated to complete tasks.

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